woensdag 30 november 2016


       A crisis is an effort of nature to bring about a change in what has stagnated and no longer functions naturally. In the world it may occur around us by earthquakes and other natural disasters. In your inner nature the same thing happens.
Because life is committed to continuous growth and change, any blockade would give a standstill resulting in a looming crisis. If a necessary change is stopped by a part of your consciousness, it delivers negative experiences in your life and you feel yourself in a state of pat mat, confused, in conflict and other unpleasant feelings.

Existing structures, such as thinking, attitudes, behaviour patterns that no longer work for you and do stagnate your life, have to be demolished. They are the blockades in yourself that maintain the negative force. You can compare it with a metaphorical barrier that you have raised in the river of life (against something you don't want to see and feel in yourself) and all the junk is piling up.
At one point the forces become so strong that the dam bursts and the misery is poured over you.

It seems as if the crisis comes from the outside and the danger is here that you will fight against the crisis, because you think that the external event or another person is the fault of your crisis. Through such a projection you can make yourself numb again temporarily, but the crisis will keep coming back stronger. Because the crisis is caused by yourself. What lives in you as beliefs and misunderstandings, you experience it back in your life events. It is just your life - you and your life are one.

If you see and understand that the crisis was caused by yourself, you can take responsibility for your state of being, without projecting them outside. You can turn inward and learn the message of your crisis.
With your ego - consciousness you can focus on your desire to develop a change for a better life and deliver activity to explore your blockades that are responsible for your condition. That means facing the truth of yourself.

A change process will take place automatically in a natural way. However, the ego - consciousness has to know what his limitations are, so that it can realize that it cannot force this change. On the other hand the failures you experience can make you despondent and give up your efforts, so a passive attitude doesn't help either or waiting till "God" or someone else from the outside world will give you the solution.

The difficulty is that you have to be continuously active in recognizing and in investigating your blockades. Also you must be able to let go because the process of change is taking place inside yourself where you don't have control over. You could compare it to a pregnancy. You do everything in your power to feed you well and take proper precautions before delivery.
However the growth of the baby will be going naturally and eventually you have to let go to give birth to the baby.

For your inner process of inner change you have to find the point of release. Therefore you need to grow patience and confidence in the inner wisdom of your own nature. In this way, despite the difficulties and challenges of your life, you don't fall into a crisis again. Than life will be the best therapist you could have.


zondag 2 oktober 2016

Your inner child

As a child you are programmed from the start by your upbringing, because you are totally open and dependent on security, love and physical nourishment. As an adult you bear this child with you, which is reflected in the dependency for appreciation and confirmation by the outside world. In this child you are still dependent, insecure, helpless and frightened.

As an adult you close this child off, but becomes emotionally visible in your attitude and reactions, especially when you are under pressure. The fulfilment what painstakingly is required can only be achieved when you stop looking for help from the outside world and are going to look for fulfilment inside yourself.

It means that you take responsibility and gain insight into your child's emotions and reactions instead of projecting them onto the world and others to blame. The state where you are in, here and now, is a reliable measure how inwardly you stand for. What comes to you from the outside world you could see as a mirror of yourself, where you could learn from.

Such programming is a form of hypnosis. In the first four years of life, the most basic strategies are formed. From here emotional conclusions are formed and  inner images are recorded. Such an inner image influence your life without realizing it. You interpret your life again and again as you've experienced in your childhood.
The programming which is reflected in your thinking pattern is difficult to see through your mind, as your mind, trying to understand things, is as fragmented as the reality that occurs to you.

This programming is not only due to the indoctrination of your childhood, but also by your own genes - predestination. You took all the karmic past by birth to attracted the parents you need to activate your karmic material. It is important that you recognize this and acknowledge it. This is the task you have taken on in your life. Many people don't know this and put the importance of their life on the outside world where they want to succeed.

By becoming aware of your programming you may go de - hypnotizing; this involves your outdated  children's images, which you still identify yourself. We think that we are guided by our logical mind, but if we look consciously into our daily routines, emotional reactions and recurring problems, we see how our subconscious programs from our childhood always define us again. So we constantly repeat our past.

It is important to approach the child in you with love and understanding. For the child in you is full of feelings, it comes back in your dreams, your fantasies, also when you are sick or depressed.
It is not a question that you have to be perfect. You are already perfect if you are facing today imperfection and acknowledge it and try to come to terms.

The child in you has great strength and is actually the child in you that wants to be born again and really brought to life within yourself. Because the child is also magical, creative, playful and full of energy. If you could free your fear and anger, the child in full freedom and happiness will fill your personality.


donderdag 29 september 2016

Metaphors and symbols

A metaphor is a combination of symbols which are in a specific relationship with each other. 
A Metaphor describes an active process, allowing a deeper understanding with ourselves and the world around us. 
A metaphor is multi- interpretable and covers deeper and multiple layers in ourselves.

We don't need intellectually understand a metaphor and symbol to feel its eloquence. 
A symbol points to one's personal history, way of life and the known and unknown aspects of life.
A metaphor expresses something in someone that is hidden and what is difficult to put into words. Several metaphors create our inner landscape.

Metaphors are also embedded in language. The spoken language is filled with metaphors, like : "he walks with his head in the clouds" (there are of course no visible clouds around his head), or it feels like a stone in my stomach.

You also have non - verbal metaphors, like body expressions (posture, gestures, facial expressions) and sounds (cough, throat clearing). All this gives symbolic information.
By focussing on every part of a metaphor, You get to know the quality and characteristics. You learn always something new about yourself and the situation you're in.
You could also start drawing a metaphor and have a dialogue with it, to get more information.

Eventually you can begin to see the changes you want to make in your life and bring a link to every day life, so you could bring this in practise.


maandag 19 september 2016

Mirror neurons and Imagination

The presence of mirror neurons in the brain was discovered by Giacomo Rizzolatti, Vittorio Gallese and Leonardo Fogassi of the University of Parma.
Mid-1990s these neuroscientists explored which brain cells are activated when a monkey used his hands. To their surprise the neurons in the pre- motor cortex of the macaque not only fired when the animal picked up a peanut, but they also lit up when he saw one of the researchers doing the same!

The investigation into this resonant neurons moved quickly to human brains.
MRI scans and EEG' s showed that our brain reacts when we see other people's actions. Mirror neurons are neurons that are active when you observe what anybody else does. 
This is done at the same place in the brain as the person who performs the action. When we see how someone strikes with a hammer on his finger, we react instinctively with our own hands. Seeing images have the same impact as if the same thing happens to you.

Through Imagination you can make your inner images conscious. With guided imagery or imagination exercises you can give your brain an incentive to generate inner images. Mental images provide access to deeper sources within yourself. In this way you get to know yourself better and you develop your brains where mirror neurons are active.
Mirror neurons do more than just mirror. Besides imitating other people's behaviour, they also help to adjust behaviour. 

It is precisely this lack of adequate responses to other people's behaviour which is most noticeable in people with autism. Empathy - the ability to move into the world of another person has to do with the action of mirror neurons. This is developed through contact with other human beings.
Autistic's have this feature less developed.Even borderline, narcissism and other personality disorders have already been linked to a dysfunctional mirror system.

When we look at another person, we seldom escape from the tendency to imitate the other person. When we see someone smile, we automatically smile back. By imitation you can better feel what the other feels. Imitation has an effect on your own emotions. If you like eye contact, people noticed that you feel interest in them. The same for you when someone reacts emotionally you can better empathize.

Visual experiences are not necessarily required for the development and functioning of the mirror neurons. In blind subjects were mirror activity in the same areas of the brain as subjects who had both sound and image.
When blind people hear the activities of others, they use the same network and parts of the brain as sighted people use. The use of the visual part of the brain for non- visual recognition for the blind shows that there no visual experience or visual images are needed in order to form an image

zaterdag 17 september 2016

Inner images

Unconscious images exert a powerful influence on your life.
These images are linked to emotions and wrong conclusions formed in childhood and which have not grown with the personality that has matured. This unconscious influence hinders the growth of your total being.

An infant, a very small child, knows only the primitive emotions of good or bad. If it gets his way the child experiences love and joy. If not, the child experiences sadness and anger.
From this child emotions are drawn general conclusions about how life is. These emotions and conclusions sink into the unconscious and later denied and repressed. This is called an image.

You grown up together with this still immature emotional layer, what creates shame, guilt and fear in life. However being an adult, subconsciously you are still emotionally reacting like a child.
The tragic of these images is that they have power over you and make sure that the events in your life confirm your unconscious conclusions.
While you have conscious desires and goals in your life, these images cause conflicts and negative attitudes. The less you are aware of that emotional layer, the stronger the effects are. Instead of reaching your desired goals, you encounter blockade and problems and you don 't know why, what makes you desperate.

You could check in your life how events keep repeating themselves, which always lead to a vicious circle you can't get out. Fulfilment is constantly unable, it seems that the world, fate works against you, while your inner images create all this for you.
When you can make the link to your childhood, you'll see and feel this emotional layer and false conclusions you made in your childhood. In that time it was certainly your survival, but as a grown up adult this is working against you.

It is therefore important that these inner images become aware, because only what is coming to light can grow. Than you'll find also your hidden possibilities and power, your inner resource, which can help resolve your inner conflicts, so that you finally find your real self.