donderdag 29 september 2016

Metaphors and symbols

A metaphor is a combination of symbols which are in a specific relationship with each other. 
A Metaphor describes an active process, allowing a deeper understanding with ourselves and the world around us. 
A metaphor is multi- interpretable and covers deeper and multiple layers in ourselves.

We don't need intellectually understand a metaphor and symbol to feel its eloquence. 
A symbol points to one's personal history, way of life and the known and unknown aspects of life.
A metaphor expresses something in someone that is hidden and what is difficult to put into words. Several metaphors create our inner landscape.

Metaphors are also embedded in language. The spoken language is filled with metaphors, like : "he walks with his head in the clouds" (there are of course no visible clouds around his head), or it feels like a stone in my stomach.

You also have non - verbal metaphors, like body expressions (posture, gestures, facial expressions) and sounds (cough, throat clearing). All this gives symbolic information.
By focussing on every part of a metaphor, You get to know the quality and characteristics. You learn always something new about yourself and the situation you're in.
You could also start drawing a metaphor and have a dialogue with it, to get more information.

Eventually you can begin to see the changes you want to make in your life and bring a link to every day life, so you could bring this in practise. 

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