woensdag 30 november 2016


       A crisis is an effort of nature to bring about a change in what has stagnated and no longer functions naturally. In the world it may occur around us by earthquakes and other natural disasters. In your inner nature the same thing happens.
Because life is committed to continuous growth and change, any blockade would give a standstill resulting in a looming crisis. If a necessary change is stopped by a part of your consciousness, it delivers negative experiences in your life and you feel yourself in a state of pat mat, confused, in conflict and other unpleasant feelings.

Existing structures, such as thinking, attitudes, behaviour patterns that no longer work for you and do stagnate your life, have to be demolished. They are the blockades in yourself that maintain the negative force. You can compare it with a metaphorical barrier that you have raised in the river of life (against something you don't want to see and feel in yourself) and all the junk is piling up.
At one point the forces become so strong that the dam bursts and the misery is poured over you.

It seems as if the crisis comes from the outside and the danger is here that you will fight against the crisis, because you think that the external event or another person is the fault of your crisis. Through such a projection you can make yourself numb again temporarily, but the crisis will keep coming back stronger. Because the crisis is caused by yourself. What lives in you as beliefs and misunderstandings, you experience it back in your life events. It is just your life - you and your life are one.

If you see and understand that the crisis was caused by yourself, you can take responsibility for your state of being, without projecting them outside. You can turn inward and learn the message of your crisis.
With your ego - consciousness you can focus on your desire to develop a change for a better life and deliver activity to explore your blockades that are responsible for your condition. That means facing the truth of yourself.

A change process will take place automatically in a natural way. However, the ego - consciousness has to know what his limitations are, so that it can realize that it cannot force this change. On the other hand the failures you experience can make you despondent and give up your efforts, so a passive attitude doesn't help either or waiting till "God" or someone else from the outside world will give you the solution.

The difficulty is that you have to be continuously active in recognizing and in investigating your blockades. Also you must be able to let go because the process of change is taking place inside yourself where you don't have control over. You could compare it to a pregnancy. You do everything in your power to feed you well and take proper precautions before delivery.
However the growth of the baby will be going naturally and eventually you have to let go to give birth to the baby.

For your inner process of inner change you have to find the point of release. Therefore you need to grow patience and confidence in the inner wisdom of your own nature. In this way, despite the difficulties and challenges of your life, you don't fall into a crisis again. Than life will be the best therapist you could have.


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