maandag 27 februari 2017

We are what we think we are

My conviction or automatic idea that "I'll never make it" creates a vicious circle in my life that confirms this belief. What is this "it":
Basically everything what is life. Life creates fear. My reaction to the fear of life is, "stay where you are and do not move."
This conviction blocks me, so my innate wealth, talents, spiritual and material possessions will stay hidden. I hold on to everything in stead of to share. Because sharing means the risk of losing what I have.

But if life is giving = receiving = enter a process that constantly continues, I lock myself up with that belief.
Like breathing, you take in and give out with a break in between where everything you receive is to be processed and eventually to give it out as something unique of yourself.
If you stop this inner mechanism you can no longer receive what is already inside you and you can't express yourself any more (to give).

The more you get, the more you can give. The more you give, the more you can receive. Thus starting a chain reaction that releases inner and outer resources, because you know they are eternal and always will be renewed again in a never-ending stream.

Actually, when you have the belief "I'll never make it" make this always conscious, because this is the blockage for contact with your true essence. This "automatic" operating belief behind every negative thought that comes to mind makes you feel weak and powerless with all its consequences, such as withdrawing from life, not to dare to take risks, in short, do not dare to live, which in turn produces fear and so on in an endless vicious circle.

To solve this vicious circle you should be aware of your negative thoughts every moment and feel how this unconscious belief hinders you. Or if you feel a blockage, pick up this signal by discovering where that comes from and what role it now is playing.

On the other hand you have to embrace your personality as it is now, with all its positivity and negativity, because it is "normal" living in this earth dimension  that you can't make it always.
Perhaps this has to do it with a birth trauma that everyone has, because of the transition from a free  dimension in such a small cramped physical dimension on Earth, which should give a shock at baby - or child level ....

Because I'm adult now I know that I essentially have all the power inside myself to solve any problem in life, I can meditate to find the way to my inner source and ask for inner guidance to transform my negativity in positive energy. Only in this way you can become free, from within and not from outside.


zondag 8 januari 2017

So inside - So outside

It is often said, "You have to think positive." 
There are even books written about and affirmations you could do, to make you positive. This "must" is already decided that you are possibly negative.

Positive thinking is superficial if the underlying mass of negative thinking is covered. Positive thinking will be a resistance to not experience having your negativity.
Positive thinking happens automatically if you're rid of your negativity, such as your hidden negative intentions behind your so called positive comments, evil thoughts, jealousy, pessimistic attitudes and the shame and guilt about this with the fear of being seen with all that shit you are covering.
Because your negativity is still there if you hide it and don't want to see it. And this will always be somewhere in your appearance or erupt when you are on your guard, in a response or getting a disease. The harder you want to be positive and nice, the more likely that this is leading to a crisis. Besides, life does show how you are, look at your life now, how rich and full is your life or what nasty things are coming at you.
The only way to be completely positive is bringing negativity in your awareness and begin to see the connections where the negativity is linked to. At the same time taking responsibility and acceptance for that part of yourself. 
If your "dark side" can come to light they can transform themselves.

In order to "must" be positive is also linked to the outside world, because you have to be focussed, to be good, to belong to a group or other person, th need to be appreciated, so you can't use negativity.
As long as you only remains focussed on the world around you, you forget your own inner world.
And that is the point if you want to see your positive and negative sides. When you enter into your inner world, you can see your own entrenched beliefs that affect your life negatively. You discover your inner images wish its childish emotions, formed in your childhood, which influences your life.

When you realize that your inner world is the real world, because that is what you take constantly with you - and that de outside world is a temporary illusion, because everythin you do in the world decays. You take yourself with you forever.
It is better to delve into your own world to know yourself better, your own autonomy and your own power and intuitive knowledge. In fact you have all the capabilities already within you to solve any problem you have. To learn confidence in your own resources. That you can stay in the outside world without being dependent from this world.

You are going to discover the flow of your inner journey, where it impedes and when it unfolds when you experience your spontaneity, creativity, love and happiness. Important is increasing your awareness what takes place internally and learn from what is coming to you as a mirror from the outside world. Meditation regularly in yourself to discover your infinite universe, which you first experience as silence void. In this way you become filled with your own truth, your own reality.