vrijdag 14 december 2018

Cosmic - and earth energy

                                         Cosmic and earth energy

As a human being you live on earth energy and cosmic energy.
There must be a balance between earth - and cosmic energy.
This happens because they get mixed in your core (in your belly) 
Earth energy goes up from the earth and cosmic energy goes from top to bottem.
In human beings, the earth energy flows from the feet upwards and the cosmic energy goes down through the crown.
The backbone is the channel through which both energies flow.
The core contains the cosmic energy. The core captures this via the etheric body (a fine network)

Earth energy, which has a high voltage, then connects with the weak current of the cosmic energy.
Through the heat development that arises from this you get an "illumination", which is called aura.
This is a continuous proces of transformation, so that life is infinite growth and change. 

The life stream is created from the connection of earth energy with cosmic energy. In other words, there is a positive (+) and a negative (-) energy, that connects. This creates a field af tension on earth, the electromagnetic field. This magnetic force binds us on earth.

In origin everything is cosmic energy.
Once there was TAO, an unimaginable completeness.
According to tradition, this total is divided into the largest and smallest parts, each of which carries the TAO.

Earth energy is transformed cosmic energy, very  long ago.
This energy has become heavier in the course of time; the effect of this is gravity.
The cosmic energy that comes to us must therefore be transformed over and over again, so life here on earth is to continue to grow and change.
The transformation takes place via earth energy. 
If there are no proper transformations, blockades occur.
This causes illnesses. 


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